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Internet Moguls understands the challenges of managing Online Travel Agencies on their own and the time and effort involved in managing OTAs . We offer round the clock assistance in rate parity concerns, photo and content management along with maintaining allocation.

With Internet Moguls, you do not have to worry about over-sold room types, selling the wrong rates at the wrong times, missing rate hurdles or fences to avoid spikes, forgetting to close-out in time, etc. Room inventory is a perishable commodity; lost today it cannot be recuperated tomorrow making professional OTA’s managers the need of the day. Most hotel operators do not have the resources or time to maintain their online bookings channels capability to its fullest potential. We come to your rescue, not only save big on your time but multiply your revenue with us.


  • Revenue Management
  • Photo Management
  • Content Management
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Maintaining Rate Parity and Allocation
  • Optimize the current OTA presence, increase the image and utilize all OTA’s to increase Billboard effect

  • Query Form
  • Videos