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Alka & Jitesh Patta
(General Manager)

Radisson Blu

We have always been a very enthusiastic, committed, "hands-on" Couple with a "whatever it takes" approach to get the job done. In order to sustain the high level of service in this testing environment, good organizational and exceptional planning skills were necessary as well as tolerance, mental / physical stamina and lots of energy. In all our management roles we have worked independently, endeavour to exercise sound judgment, make rational decisions in developing strategies to achieve objectives.

We have worked in City Hotels, Luxury Resorts & Time Share Hotels and have handled difficult situations from Unions, Audits & difficult operational situation but the mantra to overcome this situation is calm, commitment and concentration.

In addition, our sales and marketing skills were used effectively to create and develop promotions from concept to reality, positively enhancing the image, occupancy and financial status of the property. We have established and maintained a strong network of industry relationships through the media, government, trade exhibitions and commercial avenues.

Our leadership style emphasizes a strong but caring, supportive and understanding approach towards staff that encourages team building, as well as individual achievements. We have extensive experience in all facets of staffing, including delegating, disciplining, training, supervising implementing standard operating procedures. Through an atmosphere of open and transparent dialogue, We were able to motivate staff to exceed performance, quality and service standards and build good interpersonal relationships.

In a professional capacity, We consider as a Management Couple to be a diplomatic and articulate communicators. One of the stronger traits of our persona is ability to effectively manage, delegate and communicate with people from all walks of life. Discretion, diplomacy, and understanding the task at hand are qualities that complement the other side of our character, which is personable, open, friendly and courteous.